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The Internet of Things (IoT) era has come. In the third wave of information technology in the world, H3C shoulders the mission of "New IT, New economy" to drive the rapid development of ICT industry with IoT.

H3C has issued the "One Net, One OS" IoT strategy since 2017. “One Net” is a SDN-based pan-connection network. A single network carries all the connections and achieves the universality and intellectualization of network. “One OS” is unified operation system of "Cloud, Network and Terminal". The unified OS is used in cloud and terminal side to facilitate unified operation and management. In general, H3C IoT will build a pan-connected network, based on SDN technology, across physical layer differences, to achieve a flexible network, to meet the intelligent perception of different hardware terminal types. Through the Oasis cloud platform, we can achieve the unification of layer-by-layer capabilities, and then realize the interconnection and interoperability of business.

H3C IoT provides Oasis OS as the entrance of sensor network from the terminal side. It carries the sensing layer devices through SDN plus LoRa, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, BLE or Ethernet technology, and uploads to dock with 3rd APP via open API of Oasis cloud. It forms different scenarios of IoT solutions to meet the vertical business needs of various industries. In addition, Oasis can also provide big data platform and open interface of AI, which is a solid step for the "Intelligent interconnection of all things" and help the digital transformation of enterprises.

H3C IoT Solution has launched a wealth of IoT modules, terminals, IoT AP, O&M platform and other products, focusing on the five scenarios of IoT Campus, Intelligent Medical, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture and Smart City, inviting global partners to establish an ecosystem of IoT from terminals to applications.

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