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Vision Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life

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Shaping the Digital Future for a Better Life” is not only the prospect for the new age of information technology development, but is also the corporate vision of H3C, a Digital Solutions leader in the age of the digital economy. Looking forward into the future, we aim to drive the development of the digital economy, and together with customers and partners, to create a better life for all to enjoy.

Mission As a world-leading Digital Solutions provider,H3C is committed to become our customers’ most trustworthy partner for their business innovation and digital transformation.

The corporate social responsibility of H3C is to, based on the national development strategy for the new economy and technological innovation, create the shared values and build a digitalized future where everyone is happy to share.

H3C strives to drive all walks of life towards digitalization by continuously launching innovative IT products and solutions, thereby comprehensively driving the advancement of social economy and people's livelihood and benefiting the public.

Driving industrial upgrades
The industrial upgrades driven by the "New Economy" will help China bloom and create new points of growth over traditional industries, building new advantages in the way of economical and social development.
Benefitting the public
H3C will adhere to its social responsibility and carry out comprehensive cooperation with governments, enterprises, schools, and non-profit organizations in promoting innovative public welfare and assisting them in this respect, in a bid to help solve social headaches and make contributions to the sustainable development of China.
Constructing a national think tank
H3C cultivates and delivers innovative IT talents for China, building a talent think tank. It also keeps improving educational training platforms and expertise management systems with regard to network technologies.
Protecting the environment, promoting sustainable development
H3C comprehensively practices the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, constructing new IT ecospheres using innovative technologies and create an environmentally-friendly ecological system for new IT.
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Guaranteeing important events
H3C strives to provide guaranteed professional communication services nationally and even globally in important activities/events, conspicuously showing its corporate responsibility and commitments.
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